Trimming of palms and tall trees

Pruning and cleaning palms trees

Del Río Garden, will perform trimming of palms and trees of different heights and species, guaranteeing our safety, yours and your garden.
Trimming in height generally to quite meters, we make use of climbing techniques that allow the trimmer to climb and trim the branches.

Our team of gardeners will condition your palms or trees, pruning branches in poor condition, or with the need to renew them, and prevent dry wood that allows combustion in case of fire.

Rests of trimming and logging are treated in authorized plants.

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Trimming, palm cleaning in Marbella


Before pruning palm tree


After pruning palm tree

Cleaning, felling, pruning of large and tall trees in Marbella

Care of large and tall trees

Cleaning, felling, pruning of large and tall trees
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